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ee - BusM 371R Tech Entrepreneurship Lecture Series...

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BusM 371R: Tech Entrepreneurship Lecture Series Syllabus—Winter 2011 Administrative Section 4: 251 TNRB Tues 2:00–2:50pm Section 5: 710 TNRB Tues 4:00-4:50pm Contact Information Josh Doying – TA [email protected] All questions about the class that are not answered in this syllabus should be directed to the TA. Do not contact the course’s listed instructors as they will always refer you to your TA. Office Hours Fridays 1pm – 3pm 470 Tanner Building (Rollins Center) Required Reading Kawasaki, Guy. The Art of the Start: The Time-Tested, Battle-Hardened Guide for Anyone Starting Anything . ISBN-10: 1591840562. ISBN-13: 978-1591840565. You can buy this at the bookstore, but it is also available from other sources such as Amazon usually for a cheaper price. (The link to the left goes directly to the book on Amazon.com, and can take a little while to load.) Grading There are 100 total points in the class. The breakdown is as follows: Assignment Points (each) Points (total) Lecture Quiz (11) 3 per week 33 Attendance Slips (11) 2 per week 22 Business Model Competition - 5 Founders Conference & Write-up - 5 Killer Startups Paper - 10 Art of the Start Paper - 15 Out of Class Activities (2) 5 each 10 Total 100 Final grades will be determined strictly based on the following scale: B+ 87–89.9 C+ 77–79.9 D+ 67–69.9 E <60 A 93–100 B 83–86.9 C 73–76.9 D 63–66.9 A- 90–92.9 B- 80–82.9 C- 70–72.9 D- 60–62.9 Credit for Attending Class
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Lecture Quiz & Survey (3 points per week) Each lecture will be followed by 3 open-note quiz questions from the lecture and a survey rating the presentation and speaker. You may use your own notes and any class slides or lecture slides on Blackboard. The quizzes are located under the “Assignments” tab on Blackboard. Lecture quizzes will be posted within 24 hours of class and left open until 11:59 pm of the following class period one week later. There will be no lecture quiz for the first week of class. In order to get attendance points each week you must attend the section number that you are registered for. Surveys It’s important that we get your feedback on each of our guest speakers to ensure the quality and value of this lecture series. Each week one of the Lecture Quiz questions will be “I have completed or will complete the speaker survey before the next class period.” If the survey is not completed before the quiz and surveys close one week after each lecture, you will not receive those points. Surveys are located under the “assignments” on Blackboard. Attendance cards (2 points per week) You will need to bring your BYU ID card with you every week to class. You will swipe your card at the door before you enter class. If you are more than 5 minutes late to class you will NOT be given attendance points. Credit for attendance will be posted to Blackboard within 24 hours after class.
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