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1 Measurement: The Case of Broadway Café KEY Background As the owner of the Broadway Café, you have made some important changes to your operations that have substantially improved the profitability of your business. You are happy with the changes to your product offerings, but are certain there must be areas of your operation that can be further improved to provide increased customer satisfaction and overall efficiency. To determine where these gains may come from you have decided to examine two critical aspects of your operations: (1) the customer fulfillment process and (2) the inventory control process. You would also like to start tracking sales and profitability information. Part 1 – Design of Measures Customer Fulfillment The customer fulfillment process includes all activities associated with taking a customer’s order, preparing that order, and dealing with customer service issues. A customer typically places an order with a cashier. The cashier takes the customer’s payment and enters the order into a computerized order tracking system. The order tracking system is monitored by cooks who prepare the food and drinks on the order. Once the order is prepared, the cooks update the order tracking system and notify the cashiers that the items are ready for pickup. The cashiers then give the prepared order to the customer and mark the order as completed. The order tracking system stores important information about each order including: 1. The dollar amount of the order 2. The number of items on the order 3. The time elapsed between when the order is place and when it is completed The system can be configured to provide scheduled reports periodically to help a manager track the order fulfillment process. Task 1 – Design a set of measures that would help a manager understand the efficiency of the order fulfillment process. What potential issues might these measures help uncover? Example measures – Counts: Number of items prepared Number of orders completed
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2 Number of sales dollars generated Measures of central tendency: Average time to complete an order Average time to prepare an item Average sales dollars per order
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gg-1 - Measurement: Background , . productofferings,

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