gg-2 - Butler. This is what butler looks like when it is...

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How to Simulate Keystrokes In Butler R: 10-4-09 How many times have you wished that a hotkey on your Mac did something different than it does? There are several basic keystrokes that are different in OS X than Microsoft Windows where I prefer the Windows keystrokes. OS or Applicati on Name Keystroke What it Does Window s OS X Application MS Excel F2 Ctrl-U Edit the active cell and position the insertion point at the end of the line OS All Ctrl-X -X Cut Ctrl-C -C Copy Ctrl-V -V Paste Butler is a utility that allows you to do a variety of nice computer interface management tasks, including reassignment of key strokes, creating your own menus, automating series of keystrokes, etc. It is free and very handy. You can reassign default keys via the "simulate keystrokes" function in
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Unformatted text preview: Butler. This is what butler looks like when it is opened up. Picture 1 Picture 3 To reassign the keystroke, do the following: 1. Create New Smart Item. Select the plus button at the lower left hand of the butler application. Then select Smart Item \Keystrokes. Once a smart item (keystroke) is created, it shows up in the Hidden column which is the left-most column in the application. 2. Name of hidden item. You may name it anything you like. In this example, I name the keystroke Cut. 3. Define the default keys in the keys window. Put your cursor in the keys window and press the key/key combination. 4. Assign the Hot Key(s)--the key(s) you will press to invoke the action. When done, this is what the Butler screen looks like....
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gg-2 - Butler. This is what butler looks like when it is...

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