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Start Let B = Killograms of Bixar br = Killograms of brenine C = Killograms of Colidon Z = Liters of Zimax FP1 - 1 Bixar Production Mix VBA Solution Input B Compute br = .4 * B C = .8 * B Z = B ^ .6 Output (B), br, C, Z End Sub Calc() Dim B, br, C, Z As Double
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Unformatted text preview: 'Declare variables B = Range("B2").Value 'Obtain input br = 0.4 * B 'Calculate values c = 0.8 * B z = B ^ 0.6 Range("B5").Value = br 'Output results to cells Range("B6").Value = c Range("B7").Value = z End Sub Rev: 3/22/10 dd...
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