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Kant - days Kant no-Organ Case do you distributes the...

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Ethics 2/18/10 A. Kant’s Humanity Principle -Things- artifacts or nature sans a mind vs. Persons- things that have some kind of mental predicates Persons have 1. Beliefs 2. Desires 3. Powers Propositional attitudes- propositions are statements that can be true or false, propositional attitudes are attitudes towards those true or false statement - Final vs. instrumental -objective vs. subjective value- market value is subjective value, objective value- humans (valuable independently of people’s beliefs, desires etc. ) -mere means vs means -honor vs respect B. Insights -Sailor Case- do you eat your fellow sailors to survive when you’re lost at sea for 21
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Unformatted text preview: days, Kant no -Organ Case- do you distributes the organs of one healthy patient to save 5 patients- no -Bank Case- promise keeping is required-Staff Found case--Cheating case-riot case-pictures case C. Oversight (?)-Birthday surprise case -psychopath case -terrorist case-lunch case -class registration case-potential case 1. In whatever you do, you should act reasons that could serve as acceptable reasons for everyone 2. “In all action one should respect others as a source of value and never merely as an instrument for one’s own purposes” need to know his categorical imperative Kant says ALL lies are wrong, even to lie for a birthday surprise party...
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