ethics midterm review

ethics midterm review - Kant’s deontology-Categorical...

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Format of Midterm 3 Sections 1. multiple choice 2. Short Answers- two three sentences 3. Essay questions 4. Bonus 1. Normative Ethics- bulk of the exam 2. Meta ethics 3. Critical Reasoning Divine Command Theory- might be a form of relativism Relativism- Realism- there are at least some ethical truths and the standards of these are objective Critical reasoning- typology of different kinds of arguments Deductive arguments- two types: valid and invalid, then valid has two types- sound vs. unsound Inductive arguments: two types strong and weak, strong has two types: cogent and non- cogent Normative Ethics Mill’s Utilitarianism- a theory of right action, a kind of consequentialism-right are actions are determined by their consequences What kind of conqeuences do you want A theory of the good- a kind of hedonism Theory of happiness- happiness is pleasure Know how to point to some areas that are problematic and areas that are inciteful
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Unformatted text preview: Kant’s deontology-Categorical imperative Acting in accordance to duty for duties sake, knowledge of goodwill, someone who has a knowledge of goodwill and acts on that goodwill has moral worth Cases Against Mill sailboat base- do you eat your friends on a ship Pictures in police station- woman is changing in police station, secret security pictures are taking, they are distributed amongst the police officers but given to noone else, it gives them a lot of pleasure and she doesn’t know about it so she doesn’t feel any pain, so that’s a criticism of Mill, they treated her as an object In whatever you do you should act for reasons that can serve as acceptable reasons for everyone –You are no exception principle One should respect others as sources of value and never merely as an instrument for one’s own purposes...
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ethics midterm review - Kant’s deontology-Categorical...

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