Ethics review - Ethics review Poverty Peter Singers view...

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Ethics review Poverty Peter Singer’s view Know some kinds of positions, instead of authors unless it is a revolutionary author like Singer Our responsibility towards the poor is radical, give away all luxuries, jaw dropping kind of philosopher Defense of the position—prevention principle- if it is in our power to prevent something bad from happened without compromising something of comparable moral importance, then we should prevent it Badness principle widespread suffering as a result of poverty is bad Weak principle you don’t have to give up your eyes and kidneys Animal Rights Singer is a big name again, look at text book for summaries, maybe Regan Suffering principle Prevention principal Badness principle NOTHING ON ASSERTION OF LYING Sexual ethics Porn nothing on articles, Have some faimilarity with Erichson for prostituion and Levin for homosexuality Ethics of adultery not specific authors, just traditional views such as promise breaking Global warming don’t need to know articles Know main issue for global warming More likely prostitution, adultery, and homosexuality General info, what is the position and why might one want to hold it Human enhancement general sense of what the debate is about Bio conservtis, post humanists No cj whoever Death puzzle on death from epicureas, no readings
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Ethics review - Ethics review Poverty Peter Singers view...

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