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winters tale - Autoclycus triclers Florizda and D becoming...

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4/13/10 A Winter’s Tale 1611 In real life Bohemia does not have a sea coast, unlike the play A fantastical romance version of Bohemia Romance Post Tragic genre Tragedy and comedy In between Tragic elements death of son and wife, and abandonment of daughter provoked by Leontes’ rage (jealousy) like Othello but without Iago Leontes’ positon as a king/ absolute ruler exceptional person can go into exceptional rage without prompt Thinking about how a king becomes a tyrant Like Macbeth in the sense of hospitality situation gone awry Comic Elements of the Play
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Unformatted text preview: Autoclycus triclers Florizda and D becoming a couple (you missed some notes here, get of ffb chat! ) Romance in terms of Shakespeare Originated in the hellinistic world in the late Roman Empire roughly 2 nd or third century AD Greek cosmpolitan world Acts of Apostles Common motifs in Romances Sea voyages, ship wrecks Adventures in multiple exotic locations Pirates, abductions Abductions by pirates, lost child (daughter) Man who chases after her Recognition/ reconciliation, the child is reunited with the family...
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