antony and cleopatra notes

antony and cleopatra notes - Antony crosses the divide...

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3/16/10 Essay Tips -Have page numbers -have interesting titles - cite act/scene/line -context for quotes, NOT plot summary -SHOW rather than TELL -Thesis- map structure of essay focus on specific problems -rebellious daughters -exotic other -supernatural discourage: topics that require too much speculation i.e. is Hamlet crazy or not? Antony and Cleopatra Sequel to the tragedy of Julius Caesar- both plays have betray, a soothsayer, both has Caesar(Rome)/Antony(Egypt) Rome: Duty, manly, associated with Tiber (order), Reality, Future as Progress “Let Rome in Tiber melt, and the wide arch/of the ranged empire fall,” (1.1.35-36) Egypt: Passion, Feminine, associated with the Nile (1.2.43) (River overflows, fertility, excess) Fantasy (snakes, soothsayer-future with soothsayer is a kind of game)
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Unformatted text preview: Antony crosses the divide between the two countries Cleopatra -reverse psychology - rival to the Roman wife (Fulvia)-aggressive when confronting her rivals Act one scene 4 Octavius Roman view of Antony: Past Roman Antony- Solider, dutiful, manly honorable, Bare Essentials drinks dirty water, wrine bark, berries exaggerated fictional, mythical, man of Past, said to justify why Octavias better ruler for the future 1.5 Cleopatra view of Antony: Eqypt, lover/erotic, personal, horse- military posture/ sex pose? Mars(god of War) and Venus (Aphrodite, love) (has an affair with Mars) Antony is absent in both scenes We get two alternating views of Antony...
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antony and cleopatra notes - Antony crosses the divide...

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