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Macbeth Equivocation- two senses 1) double speaking- partial truth that deceives- 1.3 129-140 pg. 850 2) ambivalence- disturbing conventional roles, male/female- witches/lady Macbeth, king/subject “against nature” “horrid image” “murder” bad ideas Porter Scene Beginning of 2.3 1-38 Anti-porter Could be comic relief? He’s a drunk This scene is right after Macbeth committed the murder of Duncan, and right before everyone finds out about it Porter is pretending to be the porter of the hell-gate Pretends like three people are knocking Equivocator-related to gun powder plot Farmer who hoarded Tailor who hoarded his clothe, he’s a cheat The people are mini representations of Macbeth, greedy people who lose based on
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Unformatted text preview: their expectation Comic situation amplifies tragic situation Clothing Plot Macbeth “Borrowed robes new honours strange garments might fit with time (could grow into them over time) “Was hope drunk” lady Macbeth said he’s already mentally tried on the robes of the king, she’s pushing him towards the untimely action, the way she asks the question implies there is something wrong in the first place dwarf in giants clothes shows Macbeth is grossly illfit to rule (should dress to show your rank in society) Sumptuary laws-laws for what you could wear depending on what class you where in...
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