Physio Chapter 1

Physio Chapter 1 - Physiology The study of biological...

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Physiology The study of biological function, of how the body works from cell to tissue, tissue to organ, organ to system, and of how the organism as a whole accomplishes particular tasks essential for life Pathophysiology The study concerned with how physiological processes are altered in disease or injury Comparative Physiology The physiology of invertebrates and or different vertebrate groups which complements human physiology because humans and other animals are more alike than they are different Scientific method Three attributes: (1) confidence that the natural world including ourselves is ultimately explainable in terms we can understand. (2) Descriptions and explanations of the natural world that are honestly based on observations and that could be modified or refuted by other observations. (3) Humility, or the willingness to accept the fact that we could be wrong. Hypothesis After certain observations regarding the natural world are made, a hypothesis is formulated, and must be capable of being refuted by experiments or other observations in the natural world TheoryScientific theories are not merely conjectures; they are statements about the natural world that incorporate a number of proven hypotheses. They serve as a logical framework by which these hypotheses can be interrelated and provide the basis for predictions that may as yet be untested. Experimental Group the group that is subject to the testing condition Control GroupThe group that is not subject to the testing condition which the experimental group is compared to Blind measurement People in the experiment do not know if they are part of the
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Physio Chapter 1 - Physiology The study of biological...

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