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a) for 2 pins k=l, for one fixed end, k=2, for two fixed ends k=.5, for pinned and fixed ends, k=7. Slenderness Ratio a) L/r is referred to the slenderness ratio and it is a measure of the column’s flexibility b) Classifies columns as long, intermediate, or short c) Unsupported length of column/ smallest radius of gyration of the column where r= squareroot(I/A) Strain Energy a) Strain energy is always positive and is stored in the body of the beam and is caused by either normal or sheer stress b) No energy lost in the form of heat, external work is turned into internal
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Unformatted text preview: work Impact Loading a) collision of objects is called impact loading. b) Impact occurs when one object strikes another such that large forces are developed between the objects during a very short period Work of a force or couple moment a) a force does work when it undergoes a displacement in the same direction of the force b) Work done by a force a. Ue=integral from 0 to delta of F dx b. F=P c. F=P/delta*x d. Ue=1/2Pdelta c) work of a couple moment a. Ue=integral from 0 to theta of M dtheta b. Ue=1/2Mtheta...
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