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matlab code 4 - subtracting matrices, multiplying matrices...

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Notes 3: 2D arrays, adding numbers in a 2d array, skipping numbers, defining a 1D array Notes 6: strings, displaying strings, num2str,substituting numbers in 2d arrays, changing values of a certain type in an array to another value such as negatives to 0s, ifs and elseifs, cell array verse character array Notes 7: Intro to plots, explains dt and t and uses for loops Notes 8: colors and symbols to plotting, evaluating expression and finding the maximum and finding the location where max is( what n?) Notes 9: dt explanation, count function, using function find, one figure 2 plots, Lots of graph options, find peak amplitude Notes 10: can’t use t=1:#:# in a for loop instead define ahead of time and say for n=1:length(t), using exactly equal operator, introduces matrices, adding,
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Unformatted text preview: subtracting matrices, multiplying matrices using inverses, using matrices to solve for values in polynomials Notes 11: Building own matrix, introduces imagesc using distance to point, Notes 12: using for loops, 2 for loops, no for loops and transpose, imagesc (vertical columns using cosine) Notes 13:summing matrices column, finding max and min and median of each column or row, defining rectangles in matrix, moving it around, Notes 14:imagesc distance to point function, angle 2 point functions in imagesc, cutting rectangle if located at the bottom or side of matrix, Notes 15: Solving polynomials by adding and subtracting using arrays, quotient, product, convolution, derivative and integral of polynomials, roots and coefficients of polynomials,...
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