Chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Inside the Cell Cell theory -all...

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Chapter 7: Inside the Cell Cell theory -all organisms contain cells -Schleiden and Schwann in 1830 -cell arrive only from pre-existing cells: Virchow in 1858 -first studied using light microscopes (2 um) , then studied using electron microscopes (2 nm) -viewed on scales of mm, um, nm, and a^0 or angstroms which is 10^-10 Prokaryotic cells -lack endomembrane system -no nuclear membrane -contain ribosome’s, cell wall, capsule, plasma membrane nucleoid region with DNA, and flagella Eukaryotic Cells -endomembrane system- is in nuclear, plasma, er, and golgi -structure discovered in 1835 by Robert Brow-double membrane along with mitochondria and chloroplasts, also could see nucleus region Parts of the Cell -nuclear membrane- contains nuclear pores which proteins and mRNA go in and out of. -nucleolus- makes ribosome’s. contains tightly packed sections of some chromosomes. rRNA and proteins are here. -chromatin diploid=2n -endomembrane does not include mitochondria and chloroplast -endoplasmic reticulum -rough: made up of tubule called cisternae which contain proteins and manufactures secretory proteins. This makes phospholipids and proteins to make new membranes. -smooth: enzymes embedded into membrane that synthesize fats and enzymes to detoxify poisons -Golgi apparatus- part of endomembrane system made up of packed cisternae. These modify sort, and store various chemicals. The cis side is the outer curve,
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Chapter 7 - Chapter 7: Inside the Cell Cell theory -all...

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