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NOTES-Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Respiration and Fermentation...

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Chapter 9: Respiration and Fermentation Respiration and Fermentation Makes energy used for movement, power endergonic reactions, move things around the cell Direct fuel is ATP which can store energy into many different compounds, organisms store very little ATP Respiration is how to get ATP from storage Respiration is an old process-both eukaryotes and prokaryotes use it Respiration evolved way before photosynthesis Found in all cells, both plants and animals, prokaryotes and eukaryotes Evolved as an early mechanism for early cells to get organic molecules in organic soup Organic compounds are oxidized-gradual process 1 gucose=686 K calories-but this is not useful energy C6H6O6 +6O2 = 6CO2 + 12H2O + 38ATP Dehydrogenation is when remove hydrogen and oxidize NAD and leave and aldehyde group –H-C=0 Decarboxylation-all six carbon become a carboxyl group (COOH) eventually and eventually converted to CO2 + H. Carbons end up completely oxidized.
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