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BUS311 Spring 2011 Group Project Assignment Students will work in their assigned groups to analyze a business process and to develop a working information systems prototype (using primarily MS Access and Excel) to improve that business process (or set of processes). Each group will begin with a basic scenario and then be required to map out the business process (flow chart), design an E-R diagram, implement that data model using MS Access, design usable forms and reports using whatever tool the team deems most appropriate (Access and/or Excel), and analyze the information security issues associated with this potential solution. Group members will draw from their own experiences, Internet research, the textbook, and/or colleagues with relevant experience in addition to me (for a small fee) in order to develop the prototype. The group project deliverables will include the following: 1. A prototype information system developed primarily in Access should include at a minimum the following components (50 points): a. A data model that effectively solves one of these business problems will generally have at least four or five main entities (not including entities that solve many-to- many relationships and other potential lookup tables). b. The database should include properly formatted attributes/fields to ensure data are inputted correctly and consistently throughout the database (i.e. input masks, correct data types, etc). c. Depending on the business scenario, a good database should have a minimum of two or three forms designed to help with data entry. d. The queries will be a big part of the database. Depending on the business problem, a good solution may have anywhere from five or six queries to as many as fifteen or sixteen. It all depends on the questions you are trying to answer and the business problem being solved. e. A good solution will include several reports (probably based off of the queries you built in the previous section) that will be useful tools for managers. Some of the reports may be better made in Excel while others may make more sense done in Access. f. Sufficient test data needs to be loaded into the database in order to demonstrate the prototype, queries, reports, and so on. 2. Report should include at a minimum the following items (25 points): a. Description of the overall business scenario (elaboration from the materials provided with the project start-up). b. A description of the business process or processes in the business scenario, which the prototype information system would support with explanation of each process. What was the business process before implementing this information system and what will it look like after? c. Purpose of the information system and the role of the participants. Which users will perform which tasks? How will they interact with the system? Will they use Page 1 of 5
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BUS311 Spring 2011 Group Project Assignment forms, queries, reports or interact directly with the tables? d.
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GroupProjects - BUS311 Spring 2011 Group Project Assignment...

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