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Unformatted text preview: H ow to do your 1 minute p aper Post it t o t he BUS311 L aulima cour se sit e as a discussion it em. F ir st per son t o post a par t icular ar t icle will get t he cr edit for it (t hat is, don’t copy ot her s!) Post it in t he week of t he class y ou ar e submit t ing, e.g., week 1, w eek 2. Give your ar t icle a br ief t it le. Put t he name of t he ar t icle or blog, t he URL for t he post ing, t he aut hor ’s name (if any) and dat e of post ing. I n your own wor ds, summar ize a key point of t he ar t icle in 1-2 sent ences. L ist t wo vocabular y wor ds t hat ar e r elevant t o t he one m inut e paper fr om t he t ext . Give t he Chapt er and page n umber . You may copy t he definit ion as long as you cit e t he page. You may do 5 “One M inute Paper s,” no mor e than one per w eek , for one point extr a cr edit each. D o these in the discussion for um so t he entir e class may benefit fr om your har d ...
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