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Midterm_Review - 7 In modern organizations describe several...

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1. Distinguish between data, information, knowledge and wisdom. 2. Tom Friedman uses the metaphor of the World is Flat as a metaphor. What does this metaphor represent? From a technology standpoint, Friedman talks about the convergence of three powerful forces causing the flattening world. What are those forces? 3. For each of Porter’s five competitive forces, what is the role that IT/IS has in either increasing or decreasing the threat? If you think IT/IS does not impact a given force, please make sure you justify your answer. 4. Describe how information systems may support strategic management. 5. In Porter’s Value chain, provide an example of how IT/IS may support primary and support activities. 6. IT ethical issues may be categorized into privacy, accuracy, property and accessibility issues. Provide an example of how IT impacts each one of those categories.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. In modern organizations, describe several threats (both human and technical) to information security and how managers may control (both human and technical) those threats. 8. Construct the Entity-Relationship diagram for the following scenarios: Page 1 of 2 a. One student may have many majors and each major contains many students b. One class at a university is taught by only one professor but each professor may teach more than one class in a given semester. 9. Describe some of the difficulties managing data in today’s business environment. 10. Describe the eight unique dimensions of e-Commerce Technology along with their business significance Dimension Description Business Significance Ubiquity Global Reach Universal Standards Richness Interactivity Information Density Personalization/Customization Social Technology Page 2 of 2...
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Midterm_Review - 7 In modern organizations describe several...

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