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Website_Design_v1_Office_2003 - Group Activity#2 DUE DATE...

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Group Activity #2 DUE DATE : Thursday, 3/31/2011 Instructions : Mattson Sports Club is a local fitness center without a web presence. Their current business model relies almost exclusively on word of mouth advertising but membership in recent years has stopped growing and by some measures has even started to decline. The owners, however, recently finished taking a few business courses in electronic commerce and think they might be able to reverse this negative trend by implementing a web site in order to (among other things) advertise classes, sell merchandise, get closer to their customers and advertise gym membership plans. As such, the owners of this fitness center have reached out to local consulting organizations looking for prototypes of a possible web site. There are several services on the web that offer the ability to make a web site using point and click methods (i.e. no coding required). One such service is Weebly.com. Using Weebly.com each group is
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