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presentation list 305 spring 11 - Global...

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Global Politics/International Politics (Pols. 305) (Monday 1:15-4pm, SAUND 541) Instructors: Kate Xiao Zhou, Office Phone: 956-8777 Office: 634A Saund. Hall Office hours: Monday 9-11am Emails: [email protected] Course Objectives This course provides students with an accessible and understandable approach to learning about global politics and international political economy. The focus will be to find out how different countries have been grappling with the major forces of global politics and economics that affected them. An important goal of this course is to enable students to make use of the Internet and World Wide Web (WWW) to find information. Course Requirements Students will be required to complete one book report (3-5 pages), one class presentation outline (2 pages ) and one project essay (6 pages). Students are also required to find information on the WWW and write a biweekly report by email to everyone in class. It is crucial for every student to have their email user id ready in the first two days of the class. Members of the class will get extra credit for helping their fellow classmates get familiar with the Internet system. Required Books 1. Daniel Griswold, Mad About Trade: Why Main Street America should Embrace Globalization, (Cato book, 2009) 2. Hernando de Soto, The Mystery of Capital (Basic books, 2000), M1> 3. Jeffrey C. Goldfarb, The Politics of Small Things: The Power of the Powerless in Dark Times Grading The presentation will count for 20% of the grade. The book review will count 20%. The project report will count 20% and the last 40% will be determined by class participation and email communication (12 or more posted online through my tool). 1
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GUIDE FOR WRITING ASSIGNMENTS Each assignment is to perform a specific set of conceptual and writing skills. The project report trains written and verbal communication from everyday forms of politics. The Book Review develops technique for summarizing and synthesizing diverse reading material in one chapter of the book, and ability to analyze, evaluate and explore new idea. The email communication directs students to compose intellectual dialogues and critical comments on a weekly basis. 1. The Local Transparency Project on Hawaii Government 1. The Local Transparency Project is an encouraging example of a successful grassroots effort and a great resource for citizen activists looking to organize and mobilize. Students are required to form a group of three to use the online sources to study our local
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presentation list 305 spring 11 - Global...

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