Example Paper #1 - Makayla Bradford April 6 2011 BUS 315 WF...

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Makayla Bradford April 6, 2011 BUS 315 WF 9:00-10:15 Paper #1 I thought I knew everything about myself and my career, and I was pretty close, but this class material including the textbook, the Myers Briggs, and the Strong Inventory Test have helped me learn more and what I can improve on. The Strong Inventory Test allowed me to see I do know what I want to pursue in life because I do have more dislikes, than likes, which reassures me I truly do know myself. The Myers Briggs showed me personality traits I have and show me things I unconsciously do. Now that I know what some of my weaknesses are, I can work on them and correct them so I can have higher success in my career. It is a great feeling to know what I want my career in life to be and what I enjoy doing fit together and due to this, I realize I will have a greater sense of accomplishment. There are many things I have learned about myself from the Strong Inventory test, which include reasons I pursue particular careers, what I enjoy, and how my interests and potential careers fit together. One of my highest themes was Enterprising and I learned that I do genuinely enjoy managing, persuading, and marketing with my verbal ability and ability to motivate others, while continuing my values of competition, influence, and status. Other things I learned from my other themes included my enjoyment of helping others and giving advice, which I realized are very important factors in determining what careers and organizations I want to become a part of. My top 5 Interest Areas included Politics and Public Speaking, Management, Law, Human Resources and Training, and Marketing and Advertising, which would be the ones I would have chosen if given choices. The areas of my least interest were exact and reassured me I know what
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I do not what to have as a career in life, which included Performing Arts, Military, and Science. There were occupations in My Top Strong Occupations I have not thought of pursuing, but am looking into now which include School Administrator, Community Service Director, and Public Administrator. Through this test, it gave me a variety of occupations I could pursue and opened my mind to all the possibilities that are available with the education I am pursuing. Currently I am on the right path as shown in the test because I am working on my BA in Management and a minor in Political Science, then want to receive a dual degree in MBA and JD, which will allow
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Example Paper #1 - Makayla Bradford April 6 2011 BUS 315 WF...

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