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Group Project - Marketing - Competitive Analysis...

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Competitive Analysis Competitors o rented 2 million books at more than 6,400 schools since launched nationally in 2007; books usually at least half off retail; can mail books at end of school period for free Popularity gained by Twitter and Facebook by student ambassadors paid $5 for every customer they recruit; promise to plant a tree for every book rented; agreed to donate money to Haiti earthquake relief efforts for each order Founded in 2005; book delivered in less than 1 week o On campus bookstores trying to change image by allowing students to order books online, having a rental option, pre-ordering books online Barnes and Noble operates 636 college bookstores started the rental programs at some schools and are continuing to expand o free shipping on rental returns; huge fine if return late (even one day) o E-books: cannot write or mark up pages; places like and; download textbooks to computer or handheld device, pay less than hard copy cost, sometimes comes with practice questions Identifying Your Target Market Students do not have money and want to save on college costs Teachers want to keep textbook prices low for student Needs=cheap, convenient Teacher has choice of textbook (authority) To get customers will use Facebook, Twitter, website, publication in school newspaper, ads on the bus Seasonal trends: o Fall semester = August and December; Spring semester = January and May; Summer semester = May, July, August o Increase number of hours open during busy weeks and decrease during non-busy weeks Historic growth rate o Since 1980’s textbooks have risen twice the rate of annual inflation
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Group Project - Marketing - Competitive Analysis...

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