Ethics 9 - Bus 315-004 BOSTON Ethical Issue 9 Employe rs...

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Bus 315-004 Ethical Issue #9 BOSTON, June 20, 2006 Employers Look At Facebook, Too Companies Turn To Online Profiles To See What Applicants Are Really Like By Amy S Clark (CBS) Spend a few minutes looking at the social-networking site Facebook and you?ll see that it?s not uncommon for the millions of college students who use it to post photos of themselves at last night?s kegger or dressed in less-than-conservative attire. But, as CBS News correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi reports, an increasing number of potential employers are accessing these profiles ? and using them to decide whom they hire. Dunia Rkein is a college sophomore. She has a stellar resume and an Ivy League education. "I'm applying for analyst jobs," she says. Rkein also has a profile on ? just like millions of other college students. In fact, 7.5 million college students use Facebook. Rkein agrees that the social-networking site for students consists primarily of pictures of people partying and says "I hope that employers aren't looking at it too in-depthly." The bad news is that employers are doing just that.
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Ethics 9 - Bus 315-004 BOSTON Ethical Issue 9 Employe rs...

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