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PACIFIC ASIAN CENTER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE TABLE OF CONTENTS I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A. Description of the Business Concept and the Business B. The Opportunity and Strategy C. The Target Market and Projections D. The Competitive Advantages E. The Economics, Profitability, and Harvest Potential F. The Team G. The Offering II. THE INDUSTRY AND THE COMPANY AND ITS PRODUCT(S) OR SERVICE(S) A. The Industry B. The Company and the Concept. C. The Product(s) or Service(s) D. Entry and Growth Strategy III. MARKET RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS A. Market Definition and Customer Overview B. Market Size and Potential/ Primary and Selective Demand C. Model of How the Customer Buys D. Segmentation of the Market E. Competition and Competitive Edges F. Estimated Market Share and Sales IV. THE ECONOMICS OF THE BUSINES A. Margins and Volumes B. Profit Model C. Fixed, Variable, and Semi-variable Costs/Operating Leverage D. Breakeven Chart and Calculation E. Months to Reach Positive Cash Flow V. MARKETING PLAN
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BusinessPlanOutline - PACIFIC ASIAN CENTER FOR...

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