Ch 1 and Ch 2 - BUS 315: Instructor: Global Management...

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BUS 315: Instructor: Kristan Skylar Powell January 14, 2011 Ch.1: Managers and Management Ch.2: Management Theory Objectives: The objectives for today’s class are to 1) define management and cover some broad concepts related to what managers do, and 2) go through a brief overview of the development of management theory. Assignments: There is nothing due today. Outline of Slides/Study Guide: Group warm-up question: Identify the best/most effective manager you know. 1) What does this person’s job involve? 2) Why is this person so effective? 1. Chapter 1: Managers and Management a. Defining Management i. Definition 1*: The pursuit of organizational goals efficiently and effectively by integrating the work of people through planning , organizing , leading , and controlling the organization’s resources. ii. Definition 2: Organization and coordination of activities to achieve clearly defined objectives. b. Four Principle Functions of Managers/Management (POLC) i. Planning: Setting goals and devising ways to acheive them. ii. Organizing: Arranging/coordinating various resources (people, equipment, information, tasks, etc.) to accomplish planned work. iii. Leading: Motivating, directing, and influencing human resources in an attempt to achieve goals. iv. Controlling: Monitoring performance relative to goals and taking corrective action where needed. c. i. Traditional Levels of Management (The Pyramid) 1. Top Managers: Focus on long-term decisions, objectives, policies, and strategies.(CEO, COO, President, Senior Vice-
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Ch 1 and Ch 2 - BUS 315: Instructor: Global Management...

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