Ch 4 - BUS 315: Instructor: Global Management &...

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BUS 315: Instructor: K. Skylar Powell Ch.4: Global Management Objectives: The objectives for our class on January 26th are to 1) introduce the driving forces of globalization, 2) define the ”multinational corporation” and understand why and how it is created, 3) list the barriers to trade, and 4) discuss different cultural dimensions. Assignments: There is nothing due today. Outline of Slides/Study Guide: Group warm-up question: In your groups, try to count the total number of countries represented by the products which you are carrying (collectively). You can classify these products by 1) the countries in which they were made, or 2) the countries from which their brands originate. 1. Ch.4: Global Management a. Globalization: The trend towards greater interdependencies between the world’s economies. i. Driving forces behind globalization: 1. Technological developments (transportation, telecommunications/Internet technology, mass production, etc.) 2. Reduction in trade restrictions. 3. Liberalization of international capital flow. 4. Privatization of state-controlled economic enterprises. b. Approaches to International Management (Perlmutter 1969): i. Ethnocentric managers: Believe that their native country, culture, language, and behavior are superior. Or at least, multinational corporations using an ethnocentric approach tend to use managers from their home country in all of their foreign operations. ii.
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Ch 4 - BUS 315: Instructor: Global Management &...

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