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BUS 315-003: Instructor: K. Skylar Powell Ch. 9:-Human Resource (HR) Management Objectives: The objectives for our class on April 13 th (Wednesday) are to review, discuss, and understand the various components of human resources (HR) management (planning, recruitment/selection, orientation/training/development, appraisals, promotion), and to review some of the legal issues related to HR. Assignments: Nothing is due today, but your business plans (hard copies) are due in class on Friday. Outline of Slides/Study Guide: Group warm-up questions: When you apply for a job, do you think that it is appropriate/ethical for the HR manager of a company to search for your Facebook profile? Why or why not? 1. Ch. 9: Human Resource (HR) Management: Consists of the activities managers perform to plan for, attract, develop, and retain an effective workforce. a. Strategic Human Resource Planning: Consists of developing a systematic, comprehensive strategy for (a) understanding current employee needs and (b) predicting future employee needs. i. Current needs 1. Job Analysis: Determine, by observation and analysis, the basic elements of a job. 2. Job Description: Summarizes what the holder of a job does and how and why he or she does it. 3. Job Specification: Describes the minimum qualifications a person must have to perform the job successfully. ii. Future needs 1. This involves identifying the likely future staffing needs of an organization, and the likely sources for staffing. 2. Human Resource Inventory: A report that lists your organization’s employees by name, education, training, languages, and other important information. b.
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Ch 9 - BUS 315-003 Instructor Global Management...

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