Ch 10 - BUS 315-003: Instructor: Global Management &...

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BUS 315-003: Instructor: K. Skylar Powell Objectives: The objectives for our class on April 19 th (Wednesday) are to review, discuss, and understand the various components of organizational change and innovation. Assignments: Nothing is due today. Outline of Slides/Study Guide: Group warm-up questions: Are you the type of person that adapts to new technologies rapidly, or do you require time to familiarize yourself with new technologies and incorporate them into your life? How often did you check your facebook account in the first week that you had facebook? How often do you check you facebook now? (assuming you have a facebook account) 1. Ch. 10: a. The nature of change in organizations: People are generally uncomfortable with change (even small changes), and the need to change in the future may be hard to predict. i. Two types of change 1. Reactive change: Making changes in response to problems or opportunities as they arise. a. Punctuated equilibrium theory: Most social systems, such as organizations, exist in extended periods of stasis, which are later changed by sudden shifts and shocks. 2. Proactive change: Involves making careful thought-out changes in anticipation of possible or expected problems or opportunities (also called planned change). ii. The forces for change 1. Forces from outside of the organization: Demographic characteristics change; markets change; technology advances and changes; and there are social and political pressures. 2. Forces from within the organization: Employee problems from disparities between organizational needs and employee needs and desires; and managers’ behavior or excessive manger-employee conflict. iii.
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Ch 10 - BUS 315-003: Instructor: Global Management &...

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