Ch 11 - BUS 315-003 Instructor Global Management...

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BUS 315-003: Instructor: K. Skylar Powell Ch. 11: Individual and group Behavior Objectives: The objectives for our class on March 2 nd are to 1) look at personality traits and personality in organizations; 2) look at values, attitudes, and behaviors; 3) look at how perceptions influence attitudes, judgments, and behavior; and 4) review key concepts related to stress. Assignments: Each group should be working together on their business plans outside of class. Outline of Slides/Study Guide: Group warm-up question: Would you say that you are open to new experiences? Examples: Skydiving, trying exotic and strange foods, learning new languages, travelling to unusual locations (Kazakhstan?), and etc… 1. Ch.11: Individual and group behavior a. Personality: The stable psychological traits and behavioral attributes that give a person his or her identity. i. The Big Five Personality Dimensions 1. Extroversion: How outgoing, talkative, sociable, and assertive a person is (has been associated with success for managers and sales people). 2. Agreeableness: How trusting, good-natured, cooperative, and soft- hearted a person is. 3. Conscientiousness: How dependable, responsible, achievement- oriented, and persistent a person is (has the strongest correlation with job performance and training performance). 4. Emotional Stability: How relaxed, secure, and unworried a person is. 5. Openness to Experience: How intellectual, imaginative, curious, and broad-minded a person is. ii.
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Ch 11 - BUS 315-003 Instructor Global Management...

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