Ch 12 - BUS 315-003: Instructor: Global Management &...

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BUS 315-003: Instructor: K. Skylar Powell Ch. 12:-Motivation Objectives: The objectives for our classes on March 4 th and 9 th are to review, discuss, and understand the various perspectives on motivation. Also, we may watch a movie on business plans on the 9th. Assignments: Each group should be working together on their business plans outside of class. Outline of Slides/Study Guide: Group warm-up question: What factors make you (personally) want to work harder, or do a good job when you are working? 1. Ch.12: Motivation a. Motivation: The psychological processes that arouse and direct goal-directed behavior. (Unfulfilled need-motivation-behavior-reward-feedback loop) i. Extrinsic reward: The payoff, such as money or “stuff,” a person receives from others for performing a particular task. ii. Intrinsic reward: The satisfaction, such as a feeling of accomplishment or pride, a person receives from performing a particular task itself. b. There are 4 major perspectives on motivation (content, process, job design, and reinforcement): i. Content Perspectives: Emphasis the needs that motivate people. ( Needs: The physiological or psychological deficiencies that arouse behavior.) 1. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs: People are motivated by five levels of needs. Once one need is satisfied, we are motivated to satisfy the next need in the hierarchy. These needs (in order from basic to the highest level in the hierarchy) are 1) physiological, 2)
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Ch 12 - BUS 315-003: Instructor: Global Management &...

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