E1BAK - EXAM ONE BUS 310 B Name Answer Key A few situations...

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EXAM ONE BUS 310 B Name Answer Key A few situations follow that require you to choose an appropriate term for the job. To refresh your memory some of the charts, tables, and summary measures that you have used include: A. P Chart B. Range and Mean Charts C. Frequency Distribution D. Histogram E. Polygon F. Cumulative Percentage Polygon G. Bar Chart H. Pareto Chart I. Pie Chart J. Box-and-Whisker Plot K. Stem and Leaf Display L. Cross Tabulation Table M. Normal Probability Plot N. Summary Table 1. Mean 2. Median 3. Quartiles 4. Range 5. Standard Deviation 6. Skewness 7. Kurtosis 8. Coefficient of Variation 9. Interquartile Range 10. 5 Number Summary You are employed as an assistant manager Costco and you have the following 7 situations in which you need use your expertise in statistics. For each of the next 7 questions, choose the most appropriate table, chart, display, graph, plot, summary measure, or name that best fits the situation. Choose only one and write the letter or number directly below the scenario to the left. 1. You are tracking the dollar amount customers spend on groceries per trip to the supermarket and you wish to report a measure of variability. However you are concerned with a large number of outliers on both the high and low sides. What measure would you choose? 2. You have a table listing 15 different customer complaints as well as the frequency of each complaint. Which graph, chart, or plot would be most useful to the people studying customer complaints? 3. You wish a table that shows all the checkout clerks and the percentage of customers who complained as well as the percent of customers who did not complain. 4. You have data on the total dollar amount each customer spends while shopping at your supermarket. You wish to show the shape of the data and to be able to compare that shape to a bell- shaped curve. 5.
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E1BAK - EXAM ONE BUS 310 B Name Answer Key A few situations...

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