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Philosophy Midterm Study Guide I. Answer the following questions in a paragraph or two. 1. Polemarchus’ modification of justice in the light of his dialogue with Socrates a. Doing good for your friends and never any harm to your friends, giving to each what is appropriate b. Justice gives benefit to friends but does harm to enemies c. Harm friends that are bad, do good to enemies who are good d. Final definition-justice is to never harm anyone 2. Duties of the guardians in establishing the ideal city as laid out by Socrates a. Prevent extremes of wealth and poverty because wealth will lead to laziness and poverty to poor craftsmanship, results in revolution b. You have a right to protect your city, can go to war if your state is ideally just c. Guardians must ensure the ideal size of the city lest it might destroy the unity and cause administrative problems d. They must ensure the purity of all classes, even by directing the children to suitable classes e. Make sure there is a good educational system for a good public behavior a well-ordered society 3. Explanations of the four important virtues of a state along with their pertinent qualifications a. Wisdom (1) Good judgment, knowledge (2) Main virtue of guardians
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(3) Ability to reason for the common good, not secretarian advantages (4) Mere presence of guardians does not make state wise b. Courage (1) Power to preserve through everything, preservation of state and right beliefs about what is to be feared
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MidTerm Study Guide - Philosophy Midterm Study Guide I....

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