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Age of exploration cont. Transatlantic economy g Columbian Exchange g Transatlantic Trade g Mercantilism g Slavery Pre-dated coming of Europeans g However slavery changed into basis of New World economy Capture and Export Middle Massage Seasoning European context g Plague: The Black Death g Renaissance and Enlightenment g Reformation, Religious Wars, and State Building g Exploration and Colonization g Power Shifts w/ dominant civilizations: Islamic world, China, Europe Reformation g Europe Divided: Reformation Martin Luther (German Monk 1483-1546) g Scripture and Interpretations at issue g 95 Theses and Indulgences g Diet of Worms g 1526 Diet of Speyer g New Testament into German Protestantism spreads: ex. Calvin, Knox Eventually 1555 Peace of Augsburg (region ruler to decide Catholic or Lutheran) g (1598 Edict of Nantes/France, 1648 Peace of Westphalia)
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English reformation and aftermath g Henry VIII wants to annul marriage to Catherine of Aragon (produces Mary Tudor) to marry Anne Boleyn (produces Elizabeth) g Anglican Church of England
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Unformatted text preview: dissolved monasteries and nunneries King head of church in England= 1533 Act of Supremacy g Anne killed to marry Jane Seymour (who produces Edward) England g Henry VIII dies and Edward takes over and he dies young g Mary Tudor (Bloody Mary) takes over: Catholic (married Phillip II of Spain) g Elizabeth I: Protestant g (Mary Queen of Scots) Catholic counter-reformation g Council of Trent= some reform g Society of Jesus/Jesuits Ursuline Order for Women g Inquisition brought back g Index of Prohibited Books Elizabeth England and exploration g Elizabeth I: takes throne in 1558 g Protestant Virgin Queen g Sea Dogs: Francis Drake, Martin Frobisher, Humphrey Gilbert, Sir Walter Raleigh (Roanoke colony 1584) 1588 Spanish Armada attack g Richard Hakluyt and Raleigh promote settlement of New World g James I takes over and further colonization g Lost Roanoke Colony then Jamestown etc....
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Age_of_exploration_cont_13 - dissolved monasteries and...

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