Age_of_exploration_10 - g Western Indians • Pueblo/Cliff...

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Age of exploration Ottoman empire g Rise of the Ottomans: 1300-1400 A.D. Osman 1326 conquered port city near Constantinople 1354 Crossed into Bulgaria/Greece/Balkans Janissaries Mehmet II (1451-1481) 1453 Siege and Fall of Constantinople China g Khubilai Khan (1215-1294) Grandson of Genghis (or Chinggis) Khan Yuan Dynasty (Mongol) g Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Economic and Cultural Recovery Blue/White Porcelain 3rd Emperor (Yongle Emperor: 1403-1424 The Yongle Encyclopedia Beijing Zheng He The Forbidden City Great Wall Rise of civilizations on America g After Ice Age many forms of game extinct (ex. Mammoth) g so planting/agriculture extra important (maize/corn) g Cultivation of maize in Mexico by 4000 BC (also potatoes, squash, beans, tomatoes during this time) g Dense Settlement Areas: Areas of North America, Mesoamerica and Andean region South America Native North Americans g Mississippi River Valley
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Mound Builders
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Unformatted text preview: g Western Indians • Pueblo/Cliff dwellings g Multi-family dwellings/ trade g Drought Issues • Pacific Coast • Fishing villages • Great Plains • Buffalo and Agricultural g Eastern Indians • Agriculture, Hunting (deer, turkey) • Towns and Villages • Tribal wars, diplomacy • Later leagues/confederations formed g Diversity • Each group had own political system, religious beliefs, language, did not see selves as unified people (but with similarities) g Property Beliefs • Land as Common Resource • Not devoted to material culture/wealth g Trade and Gift giving g Gender • Matrilineal Mesoamerica and South America g These are the more developed civilizations g Mesoamerica: • Olmec (2000-150 BC) • Maya (150-900 AD) • Aztec (900-1521 AD) g Tenochtitlan g Andean/South America: • Early/Aspero, Chavin, Early/2nd/late Intermediate • Incas...
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Age_of_exploration_10 - g Western Indians • Pueblo/Cliff...

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