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Asia_and_middle_ages_cont_7 - Asia and middle ages cont...

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Asia and middle ages cont . Japan s Japan: Isolation Religion: Kami (divine nature spirits) s Later called= Shinto 500 A.D. Yamato Clan as ruling dynasty s History’s longest enduring dynasty China s Nara Period 710-784 A.D. Heian Era 794-1185 A.D. s Kyoto Kana: new writing system (phonetic Japanese alphabet) The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu Fujiwara clan s Rise of Local Warlord Rule Own Army= Samurai s Seppuku or hara-kiri (belly cutting) Minamoto Yoritomo s 1192 creates new role as Shogun s Kamakura political center from 1192-1333 Nomads s Rise and Fall of Seljuk Turks (Persia) Embraced Sunni and attacked Shi’ites Transformation away from Arab roots and cosmopolitan empire s Mogol Invasions Genghis Khan (various spellings) s Died 1227 A.D. s Success due to: s Fighting skills, Unity and discipline, Lack of united resistance, Reconnaissance, Terror and intimidation Four Khanates s Main: Great Khan s Son Ogodei rules then nephew Khubilai Khan s
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