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Islam_cont._ans_asia_and_middle_ages - • Li Shimin Son of...

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Islam cont. and Asia and Middle Ages Islam s Al-Shafi’i= Quran and Hadith (all Muhammad’s teachings and actions) s Ulama= Muslim scholars s Division between secular realm (caliphs) and the religious sphere s Qadis= judges s Fiqh= teachers s Imams=Holy men Women s Women: Not patriarchal- then move to patriarchal s Ex. Muhammad’s first wife Khadija and second wife Aisha s Ex. Men and multiple wives Asia and Middle Ages (220-1300’s A.D.) China s China’s Age of Disunity 220-589 A.D. After fall of Han Dynasty in 220 A.D. Three Kingdoms 220-280 A.D. Jin Dynasty: Short lived (general from north) Xiongnu (Turkic nomad: Central Asia) Era of Sixteen Kingdoms 304-439 A.D. Toba Mongolian Tribe: Wei Dynasty (north) s Spread of Buddhism (Mahayana) 517 A.D. Liang Wudi proclaims it official religion s “Bodhisattva Emperor” s China Re-united Sui Dynasty 589-618 A.D. s Yang Jian (ruled as Wendi) s Law code, civil service s Son as next ruler disastrous (Yangdi)
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Duke of Tang assumes Mandate of Heaven s Tang Dynasty 618-907 A.D
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Unformatted text preview: • Li Shimin: Son of Duke of Tang most successful s Ruled as Emperor Taizong (629-649) • Notable ruler Empress Wu s Locked sons away and ruled as regent s Then grandson ruled: Xuanzong • An Lushan revolt and civil war s China in Turmoil • Ten Kingdoms and Five Dynasties 907-960 • Nomad Issues: s Ex. Khitans s China Resurgent: Song Dynasty • Zhao Kuangyin: founder • Dynasty lasted 960-1279 A.D. • Confucian Civil Service • Later years only in south: s Jurchens and Southern Song s Fall to Mongol Conquests Culture s Tang and Song Dynasty • Culture s Art, Dance, Poetry (ex. Li Bai and Du Fu) New Innovations s (ex. Gunpowder etc.) Foot Binding Vietnam, Korea, Japan s Vietnam: • China • Dinh Bo Linh 968 A.D.: Claims 1st Emperor • Capital Hanoi • Expanded to South • Also Indian influence Korea: • China • Koguryo, Paekche, Silla: 3 Rival Kingdoms • Koguryo to Koryo: capital Kaesong...
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Islam_cont._ans_asia_and_middle_ages - • Li Shimin Son of...

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