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star_stuff_4 - Hotter He core does not become degenerate No...

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White dwarf 8) remnant core is a WD Compound of degenerate matter (C, O, sometimes He) Are small (size of earth) but extremely dense. Will slowly cool, becoming invincible after billions of yrs. Life track of a sun-like star Sun>subgiant>red giant>double shell-burning>red giant> planetary nebular>white dwarf Red giant means unpleasant earth Sun’s luminosity will rise to 1000 times its current level---too hot for life on earth Sun’s radius will grow to near current radius of earth’s orbit Life stages of an intermediate (2-8 Msun) mass star Similar to low mass stars, but proceeds quicker
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Unformatted text preview: Hotter He core does not become degenerate. No Helium flash Has a planetary nebula phase, remnant is a WD Life stages of a high (>8 Msun) mass star Begins like intermediate mass stars, but quicker still (H shell burning, He core burning, etc) End is very different (no planetary nebula) Fusion by the CNO cycle Intermediate and high-mass stars fuse H to He art a higher rate using carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen as catalysts. High core temperature enables H nuclei to overcome greater repulsion....
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