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Star stuff Recall that a star’s mass sets its lum., temp., M-S lifetime An on-going struggle between pressure and gravity. What happens when fuel runs out also depends on star’s mass 3 mass caegories o Hiogh-mass stars > 8 Msun (supernova explosion) o Intermediate-mass stars o Low-mass stars < 2 Msun o Brown dwarfs Life as a low mass star Star clusters and stellar lives Low-mass star evolution (sun) Our knowledge of the life stories of stars come from comparing mathematical models of stars with observations A star remains on the main-sequence as long as it can fuse hydrogen into
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Unformatted text preview: helium in its core What happens when a star can no longer fuse hydrogen into helium in its core? …..core shrinks and heats up Life track after main sequence Observations show that a star becomes larger, redder, and more luminosity after main seq. …..core shrinks but outer layers expand Inert He core can not support gravity, so contracts and heats up H burns in a dense hot shell around core at a very high rate...
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