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White Dwarfs Are the remaining cores of low and intermediate mass stars. Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky, has a companion that is a white dwarf. Very dense degenerate matter (mostly carbon) White dwarfs begin very hot, cool off and grow dimmer with time. Size of a white dwarf o White dwarfs with same mass as sun are about the same mass as earth. o Higher mass white dwarf are smaller (they shrink) o The physics of degeneracy yields a maximum mass for a white dwarf of ~1.4 Msun… called white dwarf limit or Chandrasakar limit.
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Unformatted text preview: The WD limit • Electron degeneracy can’t support a WD more massive than ~1.4 Msun. • What happens to a WD that explodes this limit? • ….carbon fuses and star explodes • Mass trasnsfer onto a WD. Accretion disks Mass falling toward a WD has angular momentum The matter, therefore orbits the WD in on accretion disk Friction in the disk transfers angular momentum outward, allowing it to heat up and accrete Q. what would gas in disk do if there were no friction? A. it would orbit indefinitely...
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