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Microbial Control Summaries for Meat and Poultry Control: On the farm for red meat production Significant hazards: • Beef, lamb, other ruminants Salmonella, Verotoxin-producing E. coli, C. jejuni/C. coli, Parasites • Pork Salmonella, C. coli, Y. enterocolitica, Parasites Control measures: • Aimed at reducing the initial level of hazard • Focus on environment, water, and feed quality • Control exposure to rodents, wild birds,
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Unformatted text preview: insects, invertebrates • Focus on livestock movement, mixing of animals • Proper silage production • Proper manure composing and handling • Aimed at reducing hazard • N/A • Aimed at preventing an increase of hazard • Rely primarily on reducing the initial level of hazard; if that fails hazard can increase Testing • Evaluate health of animals • Water testing for E. coli and C. jejuni/C. coli Spoilage • N/A...
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