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1 Microorganisms in Food and Factors Affecting Them I. Microorganisms of Interest (List modified from Jay, 2000) A. Bacteria 1. Acidovorax – Gr- rods; aerobic; related to Pseudomonas ; plant inhabitants 2. Acinetobacter – (a-ci-ne’to-bac-ter) G- rods; strict aerobes; common in soils and waters; common on fresh refrigerated food products 3. Aeromonas – (ae-ro-mo’nas) G- rods; aquatic; gas produce from fermented sugars 4. Alcaligenes – (al-ca-li’ge-nes) G- rods; Produce alkaline products from sugars; widely distributed in nature (e.g., compose material) 5. Alicyclobacillus – Gr+ rods; thermoacidophilic; sporeformers; related to Bacillus species 6. Alteromonas – (al-te-ro-mo’nas) G- rods; strict aerobes; marine inhabitants; found on seafood; require seawater salinity for growth 7. Arcobacter – (ar’co-bac-ter) G- curved rods; similar to Campylobacter except they grow at 15 o C and are aerotolerant; found on poultry, pork and some other animal products 8. Bacillus – (ba-cil’lus) G+ sporeforming rods; aerobic; most species are mesophilic; common in soil and water 9. Brevibacillus – (bre-vi-ba-cil’lus) G+ sporeforming rods; common in soil, water, dust and on plants; formerly classified as Bacillus 10. Brochothrix – (bro-cho-thr’ix) G+ rods; closely related to Lactobacillus and Listeria ; also share characteristics with Microbacterium ; common on refrigerated processed meat and seafood products packaged in gas-impermeable packages 11. Burkholderia – (burkholder-ia) G- rods; formerly classed as Pseudomonas ; found on plants and in raw milk; associated with cystic fibrosis patients Harrison FDST(MIBO) 4030/6030 Food Microbiology 8/18/2008 2 12. Campylobacter – (camp’lo-bac-ter) G- spiral-shape rods; mesophilic; microaerophilic to anaerobic; found on poultry and in raw milk 13. Carnobacterium – (car-no-bac-terium) G+ rods; previously classified as lactobacilli; heterofermentative; can grow at 0 o C; found on vacuum-package meats, fish, poultry 14. Citrobacter – (cit-ro-bac’ter) G- rods; mesophilic; found on vegetables and fresh meats 15. Clostridium – (clos-tri’di-um) G+ sporeforming rods; anaerobic; most are mesophilic; widely distributed 16. Corynebacterium – (co-ry-ne-bac-ter’-i-um) G+ rods; most are mesophilic, some psychrotrophs; can spoil meat and vegetable products 17. Enterobacter – (en-te-ro-bac’ter) G- rods; facultative anaerobic; mesophilic; yields positive coliform test; generally not adapted to the gastrointestinal tract; yields a positive coliform test 18. Enterococcus – (en-te-ro-coc’cus) G+- cocci; formerly known as “fecal streptococci”; can be found in fecal material
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19. Erwinia – (er-wi’ni-a) G- rods; common on plants 20. Escherichia
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microorganism_in_food - 1 Microorganisms in Food and...

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