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Grand review DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. What are the primary limitations of difference tests and sensory descriptive analysis? 2. What are the primary sources of heat for food processing? How does direct heat differ from indirect heat? Provide two examples of each. 3. What determines the stability of an emulsion? 4. List and describe the factors that affect the growth and activity of microbes in food fermentations. 5. How do microbes differ in their resistance to heat? What are the main categories of
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Unformatted text preview: microbes based on heat resistance? Provide an example of each. 6. How does frying affect the nutritional quality of a product? 7. How do climacteric fruits differ from nonclimacteric? What are the implications for fresh storage? 8. What are the requirements for shipping containers? 9. What are the seven things essential in correct production planning?...
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