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FOOD SCIENCE 4010--Lecture 26 Materials Handling, Storage and Distribution PRINCIPLES: Water in the processing plant must meet potable standards. A systems approach views the steps in handling, processing and distribution in context of the entire process rather than as individual operations. Vitamins are readily degraded in fresh foods during storage, either through normal metabolic processes or in response to external stress. Distribution involves everything that happens to a food from the time it leaves the processing facility to the consumer. Food quality should be evaluated at retail to see the product as the consumer sees it.
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Unformatted text preview: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. What are the seven things essential in correct production planning? 2. List and describe the types of valves in a processing operation. 3. Why should a food company reduce the amount of stored ingredients and products? 4. List and describe the main causes of spoilage in foods and ingredients. 5. What are the main factors in an efficient distribution chain? How much of the distribution chain is under the control of the manufacturer and how much is not under the control?...
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