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FOOD SCIENCE 4010--Lecture 22 Freeze drying, freeze concentration, coating and enrobing PRINCIPLES: Sublimation permits the conversion of ice directly to moisture vapor. The glass transition temperature of a food represents the point at which all molecular mobility ceases. Freeze-concentration effects dramatically change the chemical environment inside a food. Chocolate lipids melt just below body temperature. Conching is a slow mixing process that improves flavor and texture of chocolate
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Unformatted text preview: products. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. What are the four most important advantages of conventional drying? What are the four most important advantages of freeze drying? 2. How do accelerated freeze driers work? What types of foods would be best for accelerated freeze drying? 3. What are the ways freeze concentrates can be separated from ice? 4. What are soft coatings? How are they applied? How do they affect product quality? 5. What factors affect the enrobing of products with chocolate?...
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