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lec_16 - DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1 What are the reasons...

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FOOD SCIENCE 4010--Lecture 16 Extrusion PRINCIPLES: Extrusion combines cooking, forming, kneading, mixing, shaping and shearing to produce unique food products. Shapes of extruded products area affected by temperature, pressure, die diameter and shear rate. The extruder screws compress and knead the food material. Cold extrusion is used to produce confections, pasta, pastry dough and wieners. Extrusion is also used to produce multi-layered packaging materials.
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Unformatted text preview: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. What are the reasons extrusion technology has increased in popularity? 2. What are the most important factors affecting color of extruded products? 3. How did extrusion change the process of making cornflakes? What are the advantages of making them by extrusion? 4. How does extrusion affect the nutritional quality of food products? 5. How could extrusion be used to produce high-protein snacks?...
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