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fdst_lecture_5-6 - Most important aspect of food processing...

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FOOD SCIENCE 4010--Lecture 5 Process Control PRINCIPLES: Unit operations are steps in a food process. Broken down into small steps to see the process.  By optimizing the individual steps we may not optimize the entire process.  Want to optimize the entire process.  Need to be aware of how we’re getting energy and how it affects the  environment – think green!  The cost of energy is a major factor in the cost of a product. Need to be aware of how we’re getting energy and how it affects the  environment – think green!  Used in packaging and to clean up and all unit operations Canning, freezing and drying are the three most widely used food processes.
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Unformatted text preview: Most important aspect of food processing is to kill or slow down microbial safety Pathogens, spoilage microbes, fermentative microbes, and the free-rider microbes Canning done right kills all microbes Must kill spoilage and pathogenic Freezing and drying removes them from growing • Raw materials are the primary ingredients for processed foods. Ex: frozen mashed potatoes… raw material = potato Formulated food. . mixing ingredients but may not have raw materials • Sensors measure a process variable and properly sequence events. In line device that aids in the tracking of quality in a process Thermometer pH electrode in a pipe…...
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