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FOOD SCIENCE 4010--Lecture 12 Processing using electric fields, high hydrostatic pressure, light or ultrasound PRINCIPLES: Pulsed electric fields inactivate microbes by disrupting cellular membranes. High-pressure processing inactivates microbes without heat. High pressure is achieved by indirect or direct compression or by heating the pressure medium. Ultraviolet effectively inactivates bacteria in water and on food surfaces. The mechanism of microbial inactivation by ultrasound is unclear.
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Unformatted text preview: DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: 1. How does water activity affect microbial resistance to pulsed electric fields? 2. How does high pressure affect enzyme activity in foods? 3. What hurdles are combined with high pressure to preserve fruits and vegetables? 4. What type of equipment is used for pulsed uv light? What types of foods are best for this process? 5. How does ultrasound affect meat proteins? How practical is it to use ultrasound in meat processing?...
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