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Ever since the Michael Phelps incident HR has been very skittish about social networking sites. They have been scanning all accessible sites of employees and googling them as well. They have found seven employees apparently engaged in illegal activities, four in rather compromising positions and two with blogs that actively criticize the company. HR has suggested that all of these employees be fired. The Legal Department is investigating what we can and cannot do legally. In the meantime, I would like a policy that addresses this issue that protects both the company image and our employees. Also, what policy should we put in place for HR in investigating potential employees before we decide to give them an interview? I believe this scenario is incomplete such that it does not specifically define the employee’s actions. However, it does state that the company found seven employees engaged in illegal activities, four in rather compromising positions and two with blogs
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Unformatted text preview: that actively criticize the company. The company cannot take any actions against employees posting blogs. That is freedom of speech that cannot be taken away. As long as the employees only criticize the company, nothing can be done. However, if the blog is a slander or libel giving false information about the company, legal action will be taken. The rest of the employees were engaged in illegal activities. How severe were their actions? Did the actions take place on the job site? Was the activity performed before the employee was even hired? Is the employee a supervisor or manager? Decision can only be made after answering those questions. In the future before we give the applicant an interview, have a drug test. Try to get a past history of the applicant to see if he engaged in any illegal activities....
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