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lecture_6_(2) - Better Height for Age School Attendance 3...

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Helminth infections and humans Ascaris, Trichuris Necator (hookworm), schistosoma Malnutrition, anemia, reduced growth School age children in developing countries bear highest health impacts Do Parasites Influence Cognition? 1. Before Treatment - No Difference Between Treatment & Placebo Group - Intensity of Infection - Socio Economic Status 2. Unifected Kids Better Social Background
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Unformatted text preview: - Better Height for Age- School Attendance 3 Treatment Improved Cognition Helminth impacts on humans Macroparasites cause anemia and reduced productivity Maximum treadmill work time of female tea planters in Sri Lanka in relation to hemoglobin levels Productivity of Indonesian rubber plant weeders in a rubber plantation consistently lower amongst those with anemia...
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