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Pimiento - • Capsaicin a phenol is responsible for the...

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Pimiento's Past The Pimiento pepper is of Spanish descent. The Pimento pepper is a heart shaped red red pepper usually 3-4 inches long and 2-3 inches wide. The first trial to grow Pimiento peppers in the Unites States was in Spalding, Ga in 1911. Georgia has been one of the leading states both in the production and processing of pimientos. The pimiento or cherry pepper is a large, red, heart-shaped chili pepper that is about 3 to 4 inches long and 2 to 3 inches wide. The Facts The pimento is sweet and more aromatic than the bell pepper. Some varieties of the pimento type are hot, including the Floral Gem and Santa Fe Grande. Pimiento is Portuguese for "bell pepper", while pimenta refers to both chili peppers and black peppercorns. All peppers are members of the Solanacea family, which also includes tomato, tobacco, eggplant and Irish potato.
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Unformatted text preview: • Capsaicin, a phenol, is responsible for the pungency in peppers. One of the main uses for Pimiento peppers is to stuff Spanish green olives. The pepper was cut into very small pieces and hand stuffed into each olive. To make the production process easier, the pimiento is pureed and formed with the use of a natural gum, such as guar gum. This allows the pimiento to be cut into small strips easier and for a machine to do the stuffing. Growing Up • Pimentos are available in the late summer and early fall, but are available in any other time of the year by being preserved in oil. • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBIq_qLoPHs 1)Collection 2)Waxing(depending on market preference) 3)Sanitizing the water used to prevent contamination. 4)Cleaning 5)Drying 6)Grading 7)Packing 8)Cooling 9)Shipping...
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